Foundation Year

It is recognised that there may be some able students who do not have a sufficiently high level of academic background to commence their studies at the University of London. Moreover, students are limited in their ability to exhibit interpersonal and effective communication skills. To address this limitation, Denning offers the undergraduate degree with an integrated foundation year. A Skill Development Course has been specifically curated for the students of the Foundation programme in addition to the curriculum designed by NCC Education UK. The Skills Development Course focuses on the students’ personality development and grooming; intrapersonal growth and interpersonal engagement to advance their growth in the industry. It allows the students to improve their knowledge and use of the English language to such an extent that they reach the required entry level for their main programme. As well as leading to a higher level of English, the programmes enable students to adapt to life in their new environment and offer invaluable opportunities to integrate and accommodate to local conventions and practice.

The International Foundation Programme for Business provides a pathway to undergraduate studies in Business for students lacking the linguistic and academic competencies to gain direct entry to level 4. During this intensive, student-centred programme, students will gain an active understanding of a range of themes affecting the contemporary business world, such as international financial markets, management and marketing. Students will also undertake a Skills Development Course, allowing them to consolidate and showcase their business knowledge, as well as the academic language, numeracy and research skills they will gain on the programme. Students will have plenty of opportunities to work in pairs, groups and individually. They will complete a wide range of classroom tasks and assessments, reflecting the demands and realities of life as a Business undergraduate, in a stimulating and supportive academic environment.

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Fee Structure

The fee structure for the International Foundation for the academic session 2021-2022 shall be as follows:

ParticularsFees (PKR)
Admission Fees (non-refundable)40,000/-
Tuition Fees (for the entire term)195,000/-
Library Fees8,000/-
Student Activity Fees7,000/-

The Programme Fees for the International Foundation by NCC Education UK is £470/-